About Us
Key-Soft was established by Tibor Kulcsár in 1989, same year as the democratic transformation, in a small garage located in Budapest, in Hungary. Private enterprises started back then with the appearance of the first businesses. Key-Soft started with the very first Hungarian companies, and together they have learnt what is important for successful business. Due to the visionary and entrepreneurial spirit what our company represents in almost 30 years we went from producing simple asset tracking software to comprehensive business management solutions. In the past 27 years the one-person enterprise has gone public and today over 100 people work for Key-Soft. The company has 20% market share. In 2007, it opened to the international market.

First, it delivered business software to the neighbouring countries, but at present Key-Soft products have been sold all over the world. Our emphasis has always been on employing the latest technology and using top experts in software development and in all business process. The original logo of the company, the flying man, was meant to express what Key-Soft software represents to those who are using them: freedom from the often tedious, desk-ridden task of business administration.

Business software today is going through a rapid change to make your business life more organized, efficient and cost-effective. We are both committed and equipped to take a leading role in this process. As a result of this approach as well as hard work Key-Soft was able to enter the Budapest Stock Exchange in 2009 and became a public liability company. Our Key-Business software with its extensive modules and customizable features is designed to fit your needs regardless of your business profile. We are present in six countries in Europe and have over 50,000 satisfied customers. It is our pleasure to welcome you among them.
Tibor Kulcsár
Tibor Kulcsar, Founder
Strategic Objective of
What is the market of Key-Business?
No country border. Global micro-, small- and middle-sized enterprises.
What is the product of Key-Business?
A business solution, what gives confidence, efficiency, and transparency to our customers.
Who are the Partners of Key-Business?
Those leaders who want to manage even more successfully their businesses.
What kind of services provides Key-Business for the costumers?
Besides the professional business management software, persistent, devoted, skilled costumer service, what really cares about our customers.

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Gergo Bresztyenszky
Gergo Bresztyenszky
Sales manager
Key-Soft Plc.