Covering all areas of business life these extensive modules with customizable features are connected to each other
and work together to provide an overall, in depth view of your business world.
Your partners - both on the procurement and the sales side - are key to your company. Key-Business enables you to have professionally organized and complete information of all your contacts and partners.
Key-Business can handle hundreds and thousands of partners and all pertaining information, projects, finances and more.
Whether it is your prospective customers, existing clients or vendors we talk about, it is imperative to keep their data organized. With Key-Business all information and activities related to your partners are readily available without having to file documents, find misplaced reminders or scattered post-its. This module provides you with efficiency, speed and insight.
You can clearly trace back and follow-up any partner related activity from the first point of contact to the end.
The integrated calendar and alerts make sure that you and your colleagues are duly reminded of any and all upcoming task or event. You will never miss an important assignment, task, meeting or phone call again.
As an integral part of the CRM the Partners module provides the backbone of customer relations.
You can customize the tabs and icons on your screen according to your preferences, set multiple lists and queries, and have the most vital information on your partners displayed for your convenience.
Special features include envelope or label printing, emailing and a route planner.

The heart of your business is your ability to serve your customers to their utmost satisfaction.
Key-Business offers you clutter-free, quick, comprehensive and up-to-date information on all your customers' contact details and all customer related information such as quotes, contracts, orders/sales, transactions, tasks/services, projects and client history ALL IN ONE PLACE!
The power of knowing everything customer-related and seeing it all at a glance gives you confidence in being organized, freedom from forgetting important aspects and deadlines, and the satisfaction of serving your customers a grade above.
There are no more paper-trails, lost or misplaced documents, unreturned phone calls - everything can be added to your customer's profile and processed as a whole.
This comprehensive module can also be used as a marketing tool in offering further products or services to your clients based on their previous orders and client history.
Special features include an integrated calendar with an alerts function, a route planner, and direct email forwarding - all to save you time and to make you more efficient in meeting your customers' needs

Products or services are the things that generate income for your business . You cannot afford to neglect them! The Product Module of Key-Business saves you time and gives you a comprehensive view on your stock.
You can easily upload your already existing list of products or services from
an Excel sheet and it automatically gets synchronized with all other
modules of the program. Once this is done, any further updates or
changes are synchronized and followed up.
You can conveniently keep track of your inventory as each product
is registered and a built-in function warns you when a certain
product is soon out of stock. You can have the peace of mind
knowing that you will always have enough.
Attaching photos or images to your product/service is a
definite plus of this program. Creating an easily identifiable
visual improves your productivity and saves you time.
Price is everything! However, you may want to
present a different price for some of your customers.
This module provides you with the option of using
flexible pricing: special discounts, promotional
prices, wholesale and retail prices. It's easy, it's
precise and it's custom tailored. You can truly say
that your client is unique and you have a special
price ONLY for them.
Special features include a barcode module. You can
enter your products into the program via an attached barcode reader, saving you time
and the job of entering items manually. Products are also synchronized into the web
shop, if needed.

A professional business cannot operate without a state-of-the-art inventory system. Key-Business created an in-depth inventory module providing you with real time demand and supply information.
The Inventory Module has a direct effect on your CRM. It guarantees customer satisfaction by meeting demands adeptly and on time.
This tool provides you with up-to-date information on your complete inventory and inventory related reports, helps you replenish your stock and determines the amount needed. Based on past reports you can project your future orders and costs, planning your business operations with an expert eye.
The Inventory Module precisely follows all movement of stock in and out of your warehouse as well as movement within your chain of warehouses. It supports FIFO and uses both average and specific cost methods. It ensures precise and real-time warehouse management.
All documents related to each phase of the product movement is produced within the program and added to the specific client's or vendor's profile. You can create an invoice from a shipping document by a single click.
In case of assemblies and kits the Inventory Module automatically recognizes each component and registers them into the inventory item by item.
This fast, efficient, comprehensive module gives you a real advantage over your competition and turns the sometimes dreadful task of inventories into a breeze.

Directly linked to the Inventory Module, the settings of the Purchasing Module help you decide what you need for the successful operation of your business. The two modules work together as a Purchasing and Vendor Management Unit. Everything is computer based, all your colleagues have clear and real-time understanding of your stock, orders, payments, etc.
Follow the complete procure-to-pay process in one platform to any depth in each related area.
E-invoicing is part of the Purchasing Module; a convenient, cost-effective and increasingly popular method of invoicing.

Key-Business provides you with a thoroughly documented and followed-up sales process. Each step is supported by the different Key-Business modules and provides you with an in-depth analysis and overview. Key-Business takes you from the first point of contact to the present and lets you know everything you need to know in between in a matter of seconds.
You don't need to go through a filing cabinet or even multiple folders on your computer to find what your customer is asking for. A few clicks and the program provides you with all the details you need. Use the all-inclusive user-interface to gain insight into your customers' purchasing preferences and habits. Utilize this intelligence to make more informed decisions on what and when to sell. Your decision making becomes faster and more effective and your customer becomes more and more satisfied.
Quote-to-Order in just a click.
Convenient, built-in E-invoicing.
Quotes customized and prepared in any currency.
Product warranties can be attached to each invoice, customized for the given product.
Directly linked to the Inventory Module so when an order is placed the product is immediately booked in the inventory.

Key-Business provides you with complete accounting functions in the Invoicing Module.
Your accountant will have peace of mind knowing that each aspect of accounting is incorporated into the program and made as convenient as possible. The program includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, balance sheets, financial reports, asset management, petty cash, vouchers, taxation requirements and more.
Customizable invoices are available to suit your profile.
Any number of lists and queries can be generated based on your requirements to the needed extent.

The Reporting Module of Key-Business offers sophisticated sales, purchase, inventory and finance reporting enhanced by graphs, charts, and visuals.
It provides you with valuable insight into all facets of your business and lets you make intelligent business decisions concerning the present and the future of your enterprise.
Unlock your business potential with the Reporting Feature of Key-Business; follow sales trends, customer habits, foresee inventory needs, check your product lists, financial figures and set up customized filters for all features. Get a 360o view of all your business activities at a glance.
Internet users are increasingly becoming internet shoppers all over the world. More people than ever choose the convenience of shopping from home at any given time and you are open 24/7! Your audience is global, your costs are low and your sale opportunities are limitless.
If you are considering going cyber with your business the Web shop Module of Key-Business is the perfect choice for you. All your products present in Key-Business can be supplied with a price, picture and a description and effortlessly transferred to the Web shop Module. If you only have your products in an Excel sheet, Key-Business imports the data from it straight to your web shop. All registered customers and orders from the web shop become part of your Key-Business program.
There are numerous possibilities to custom tailor the appearance of your web shop, insert your logo and choose your preferred avenues of advertisement. You will be able to categorize your products any way you like it and give them a design you choose.

Mobile Access
The Mobile Access feature of Key-Business is indispensable in this day and age. It gives you the liberty of viewing and managing most of your business processes on the go, wherever you are.
Income and expense data, invoices, quotes on your smart phone (iPhone, Android) or on your iPad. An overall or in-depth view of lists, ledgers, reports, finances are available in real-time, any-time.
Mobile Access provides you with the advantage of being 'in the know' all the time, and makes you an informed leader of your company who is constantly and continuously on top of things. No surprises, no dropped balls, no missed business deals.